Viraj Paryawaran Prashala (VPP)
VPP is training institute formed by the experts & the professionals in the field of environment management. The team is lead by a well-known environmental advisor Prof. R. V. Saraf.  The goal of the organization is to promote the awareness about the environment & train the people to do so.


Educate, equip and provide necessary tools to maid servant to do their task in a better & efficient way to make it environment friendly.  To create awareness about eco-friendly environment


Mission of training program for Maid Servant
Maid servant is most integral & essential part of the present city/urban life style. They assist the house lady to do the various tasks. Because of them it is possible for many ladies to serve and work for social causes. Maid servant is now at the key  position to save resources & reduce waste generation.


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