• Recycle of Sullage and Sewage in Residential Complexes Our Experience by AdministratorPosted on : 10 December 2010
    • Abstract
      To overcome scarcity of water and to reduce consumption of fresh water, recycling of sullage & sewage is done in the Residential & Institutional complexes. It is observed that there is non-acceptance to the use of treated sewage in the residential complexes. However residents are accepted the treated sullage for WC flush, gardening and car wash. Recycling of treated sewage is acceptable for irrigation in the Institutional complexes. A detail study is carried out to know the number of persons per flat, water demand and waste water generation in the residential complexes. A low cost treatment plant with deep tank aeration is designed and installed for the sullage. Observation and findings for last 2 years of successful operation are given in this paper.