• WATER TREATMENT PLANT FOR IRON REMOVAL by AdministratorPosted on : 24 November 2010

    • Abstract
      Iron in ground water is common in the eastern part of India. It gets precipitated once water is pumped out. There are various methods for the removal of Iron from water. A food processing industry is set up in Dalgaon located in Brahmaputra basin near Guwahati in Assam. Water table is just 2 to 3 m below the ground. Ground water is acidic and has high soluble Iron content. Underground water is the only source at the site. Treatment studies are carried out with underground water to develop the treatment process and design parameters to bring down Iron content from 30 mg/l to 0.3 mg/l. A treatment plant of 0.5 MLD capacity consist of  Pre-chlorination, Aeration, pH adjustment, Alum dozing, Slow mixing, Sedimentation, Catalytic removal with Manganese dioxide, Sand filtration and Chlorination is installed  & commissioned at site. Plant is working satisfactorily for last 2 years. The chemistry of Iron and its impact on water quality, removal technologies and experience with working plant are discussed in this paper.